Exciting Construction Jobs and Projects in Canada

Posted by Steve Thomas Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada on Friday, February 12, 2021


I attended two major construction industry virtual events in the last 10 days that focused on the massive pipeline of construction projects in Canada.  For the first time in Canadian history, the 100 largest public sector infrastructure projects under development are valued at over $250 billion Canadian Dollars.  Despite Covid, or perhaps because of the economic issues it has caused, there is a renewed commitment for construction projects to proceed in order to provide a boost to help the Canadian economy grow.  The range of massive projects proposed will provide a variety of construction jobs to Canadians and those who will come to Canada with specialist construction and engineering skills.

There follows a summary of some of the large projects both planned, under procurement and actually being built in three of the main growth regions of Canada; British Columbia, including the city of Vancouver, Ontario including Toronto, and Alberta Province that includes Calgary and Edmonton.  There are opportunities for a range of construction professionals, both now and when it is safe for travel restrictions within and into Canada are lifted.

If you are interested in a construction job search to join one of these or a similar project somewhere in Canada, please submit your CV, in Word format via the Maxim website or apply for one of the many live jobs we have advertised.

Vancouver and British Columbia

CAD$22.9 Billion has been committed to British Columbia and over 100,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created by the construction industry.  Transportation and healthcare projects predominate in this region, although there are also notable education, housing and energy projects planned too. Transportation projects include public transit, bridges, highways and airports with notable construction projects including:

  • Surrey-Langley Skytrain, Surrey-Langley. This is on hold as at Feb 2021, probably pending final funding confirmation. Value $3.1 Billion, 16km long, with 8 stations and 2 bus exchanges.
  • Broadway Subway Project. A 5.7km extension of the Millennium Line from VCC-Clark Station to Broadway and Arbutus c$2Billion in value
  • Highway 99 George Massey Crossing and Corridor improvements, Richmond Delta
  • West Fraser Road, Quesnel

Future rail projects planned also include the Cascadia HS High Speed Rail Project.  This is a $24BN+, 510km high speed rail link connecting Portand, Seattle and Vancouver

Healthcare projects include new hospitals and long term care facilities in British Columbia and include:

  • New Surrey Hospital & Cancer Care, Surrey
  • Royal Columbian Hospital Phase 2 & 3, New Westminster
  • St Paul’s Hospital Replacement, Vancouver

Toronto, Ottawa and Ontario Province

  • Ottawa LRT – Stage 2. This comprises both east and west extensions of the recently constructed ‘Confederation Line’ c$2.5BN.  In addition there is an extension to the Trillium Line valued at $535M.  All are currently under construction.
  • Toronto - GO expansion (OnCorr).  Project to expand train services along 5 main rail corridors within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas (GTHA).  $16BN. DBFOM basis. Electrification of 687knm of track and 205km of new track & 42 upgraded stations
  • Hurontario LRT $4.6BN. Under construction
  • Ontario Subways – 5 schemes totalling $28BN, some ongoing & others scheduled to be completed by 2031
  • Eglinton Crosstown West Extension (EXWE) $4.7BN – not yet at financial close (start on site)
  • VIA RAIL – Quebec to Toronto rail line, running through Montreal & Ottawa. Business Case not yet approved but under development

Edmonton, Calgary and Alberta Province

  • Edmonton Valley Line West LRT $2.6BN, Edmonton, Alberta. A 14km rail extension with 14 new stops and 2 elevated stations.  Planned construction 2021-2026.  Project awarded 2021 and now live and underway on site. To be in service 2026/2027.
  • Metro Line Northwest – Phase 1 ongoing, Phase 2 pending
  • Capital Line South Extension – pending
  • Calgary – Banff Rail Link, Calgary. This project has a feasibility study underway and has the scope to link Downtown Calgary to YYC and Banff.
  • Calgary Green Line, Calgary, Alberta. Procurement has paused although is set to resume spring 2021.  $5BN value, 20km of track and 15 stations with project to be built across 3 related segments

Exciting times are ahead with rail, infrastructure, building and social infrastructure projects in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and other Provinces across Canada.  Please follow Maxim Recruitment on LinkedIn, and register for job alerts and our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with developments.

Steve Thomas
Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada
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