It is no secret that personal recommendations are the best source of candidates, so we are very happy to reward you for putting us in touch with new successful candidates.

We’re offering £500 as a thank-you for your first referral, and £1,000 for each subsequent referral. Here’s what you need to know about our referral programme.

How It Works

There are three ways you can refer someone to us:

  1. You can call or email us with their details (with their permission).
  2. You can pass them our contact details and ask them to mention that they were referred by you when they call in.
  3. Finally, if there’s an individual job page that matches your friend or colleague’s skillset, you can click the “Recommend a Friend” button on that page and enter your friend or colleague’s information. That way we will know who referred them and be able to process any rewards accordingly.

The Benefits of Referring Someone

By referring someone to us, not only will we reward you monetarily but we also benefit from having access to talented professionals who have been personally recommended by one of our trusted contacts. So, it truly is a win-win situation, we get high-quality candidates who are already pre-vetted by one of our existing connections and you get rewarded for helping us out!

There’s never been a better time than now to take advantage of our referral programme! With larger cash rewards waiting for those who refer successful candidates, it pays off even more now than ever before. So don't wait—if you know someone in the construction sector anywhere in the world that might be interested in speaking to us, reach out today and start earning rewards for connecting them with some of the best job opportunities in the industry.


* Referral fees are paid to your nominated bank account after the completion of a successful probation period by the person referred. Full terms and conditions available on request.

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