Quantum Claims and Disputes Job Opportunities in the UK

Posted by Steve Thomas , Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The UK is a compelling claims and disputes market. The demand for quantity surveyors, cost consultants, project managers, engineers and planners to specialise within quantum and delay construction disputes appears insatiable.  Given current concerns that the UK construction industry is to slow down in 2023, it is a great time to consider specialising in disputes if you feel you are working as a Quantity Surveyor or Planner or Engineer in an uncertain sector or with an employer without a full order book of work for 2023.

Quantum and Delay Claims and Dispute Job Opportunities

There are a large number of job opportunities for British and other international citizens that have the right to work in the UK and that have experience in construction claims and disputes.

In addition, if you have exceptional qualifications and experience, some quantum or delay, claims and disputes employers may be able to help international applicants to secure a work visa to join them in the UK.

The Market

The UK is an important arbitration/adjudication hotspot, and I've seen a number of specialised claims and construction dispute consultancies in the UK market dramatically expand their presence in the country over recent years.

In addition to countless smaller local consultancies, the UK is home to many of the world's largest specialised international claims and disputes firms that cover some of the most complex international arbitration and litigation work. Therefore, whether you enjoy working with larger corporate employers undertaking high-end expert witness work/quantum forensic analysis or prefer a smaller firm where you can be ‘hands-on’ with a smaller niche team of experts or claims or adjudication writers, we do have both the role and the employer for everyone.

Salaries & Cost of Living

Here is an approximate salary guide based on the typical levels of seniority within these organisations if you're curious about salary expectations in the UK.

Seniority Level

Minimum Salary

(GBP £ p/a)

Maximum Salary

(GBP £ p/a)




Senior Consultant



Managing Consultant



Associate Director






The estimates shown above are a rough guideline for salary expectations in 2023 and may differ according to company structure. You will need to take into account the differences in experience levels within the relevant bandings as well as the fact that incomes will vary depending on the cost of living in different cities. As you would expect, London is one of the most expensive cities to live and salaries try to reflect that. However, London is of course the place to be for UK and international construction disputes and is a bustling and busy city that offers some of the best project and career advancement prospects in the world.  It is home to the world’s top-ranking universities, making it one of the most desirable places to live and work.

What quantum and delay construction jobs am I working on currently?

I am currently working on a variety of vacancies for premium employers in the UK who are looking to recruit quantum and delay professionals. See the latest vacancies.

The opportunities are at various levels. At the top end, I have roles that are geared towards premium expert witness work which will involve assisting and likely testifying for arbitration matters in tribunals and in litigation in court.

However, there is a possibility some candidates, who are at an earlier stage of their careers, may find suitable jobs available within claims work.  Duties can include evaluating contractual entitlements, EOT or costs arising from a delay.

We offer entry-level roles, looking to hire those who are in the initial phase of their career as Quantity Surveyor or Engineer or Planning Engineer and are who are willing to commit to make the transition into claims and disputes work.

If you are interested in Quantum Claims & Dispute job opportunities based in the UK, please submit your CV or apply for a job that matches your interests and experience and we will do our best to help.  Good luck!

Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas
Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada
Maxim Recruitment

Steve is responsible for Maxim Recruitment in the UK. He is based in the Maxim head office in Leicester, Leicestershire and regularly travels to meet employers, job seekers and to attend construction industry networking events all over the UK. With over 20 years' experience in construction and property recruitment he works with a number of repeat clients and engages in search and headhunting assignments for a range of premium UK and international clients.