Living and working in Tokyo and Taipei, Taiwan

Posted by Richard Poulter, Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong on Sunday, July 24, 2022

Have you ever thought about working abroad? Have you ever thought about working in Japan or Taiwan? The construction industry sectors are suffering from staff shortages, and Tokyo and Taipei are no different. This article will provide a brief overview of living in Tokyo and Taipei and profile some of the jobs Maxim have in these areas.

Living in Tokyo and Taipei

The metropolitan area of Tokyo is the most populous in the world. Its architecture is mainly modern due to a complete rebuild after the second world war and its construction sectors are always busy keeping up with this modernity. As with any city that has extreme hustle and bustle, it leaves never a dull moment with its hard work principles and never ending capacity for entertainment. Away from Tokyo’s serious work ethic, free time can be spent in its beautiful gardens, tasting authentic Japanese cuisine including sushi and sake, and watching the traditional sport of sumo wrestling.   

Taipei is also a hotspot for work and play. The Taipei cityscape is impressive and the construction industry sectors here in Taiwan have been hard at work in recent years, making Taipei the business hub of the region with modern looks and high-tech accomplishments. With its many tourist attractions (lots of temples), its great cuisine and night markets, the work-life balance in Taipei is exceptional and rewarding.

Construction Industry Jobs in Tokyo

As with many countries, Japan’s construction industry sectors are a large contribution to the country’s economy. Tokyo is at the centre of this financial system.  With a number of major construction projects in progress, there’s plenty of opportunity for professionals looking for senior construction jobs in Tokyo. According to Design Build Network three out of the five largest ongoing construction projects in Japan are in Tokyo. Two of these are in progress until 2030. With many other construction projects in Tokyo, there is an abundance of senior construction jobs in Tokyo for anyone wishing to work there in the construction sectors. As the editor at Prospects advocates:

“Japan boasts the third largest economy in the world, behind the USA and China. This high-tech Asian nation is renowned for its strong work ethic and fascinating culture and if you're ready to embrace the language, you'll find many opportunities where your skills would be welcome.”

Maxim Jobs in Tokyo

Maxim Recruitment can affirm this sentiment with two prestigious senior construction jobs in Tokyo. As specialists in cost consulting recruitment, Maxim are pleased to offer the role of Cost Manager. Based in Tokyo as a client-side cost manager, the role involves directing and delivering a project on behalf of a reputable client and leading a professional team on a daily basis. 

Also in Tokyo, the Maxim recruitment team can offer the role of Construction Project Manager. This client-side project management role is working on a major data centre project. These overseas construction jobs are both excellent opportunities to further a career in construction and experience the vitality of Tokyo.

Construction Industry Jobs in Taiwan

Taiwan’s construction industry sectors are also a major contributor to its economy. According to GlobalData, Taiwan’s construction market size was:

“…valued at $82.1 billion in the year 2021. The market is expected to grow at an AAGR of more than 3% during the period 2023-2026.”

Good news for construction industry jobs in Taiwan.  A list of major construction projects in Taiwan is also available from GlobalData. They include many offshore wind power plants in the ongoing quest for using more renewable energy. With its many construction companies based in either Kaohsiung or Taipei, the construction sectors main business is conducted from these major cities of Taiwanese industry and finance.

Maxim Jobs in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Maxim Recruitment team’s construction jobs in Asia continue with vacancies for Cost Manager and Construction Project Manager. These two roles are in Taiwan’s third most populous city, Kaohsiung. The project manager role is again client-side project management, and is a fantastic opportunity for professionals looking for senior construction jobs in Taiwan. Again, these overseas construction jobs are the perfect way to explore and enjoy a new country while gaining further experience along your construction career path.  

Maxim’s Taipei Senior Project Manager

As senior construction jobs in Taipei go, they don’t get any more prestigious than the chance to join this highly regarded consultant in Taipei. This client-side project management role involves managing many regional projects and will provide valuable experience while expanding your construction career path.

This unmissable chance holds great opportunities for the construction professional and this prominent job opening is the cream of overseas construction jobs and will speed any professional along their career in construction.  

Reasons to Apply for Overseas Construction Jobs

All these roles are fantastic opportunities to work abroad. Tokyo and Taipei are wonderful places to live and work. These industrialised and high-tech cities along with their thriving construction sectors will provide a great work-life balance, offering a life style that wouldn’t be possible working for construction companies in UK.

Tokyo and Taipei, although they’re ultra-modern cities, have retained some of their ancient culture, and working on construction jobs in Asia are perfect for exploring an ancient past or a possible future in your spare time.   According to Trip Advisor:

“The bustling metropolis of Taipei is where you’ll find shiny skyscrapers and ancient temples hazy with incense standing side by side.”
“With its futuristic skyscrapers, unrivalled food scene, and wild nightlife, Tokyo is a rush of pure adrenaline.”

Combine these accolades for visiting Tokyo and Taipei with the outstanding overseas construction jobs the Maxim recruitment team have on offer, working and living in Tokyo or Taipei are not opportunities any professional can afford to miss.

Your construction career path can only improve from becoming a Cost Manager in Tokyo, and the outstanding position of Senior Project Manager in Taipei will transport your career above and beyond expectation.   

This article’s overview of living and working in Tokyo and Taiwan has hopefully provided some insight into this area of the world and provided food for thought. Construction jobs abroad will always help move your construction career to the next level, and Maxim Recruitment welcome construction professionals interested in working in Tokyo or Taiwan and worldwide, to get in touch with their CV today.

Richard Poulter
Richard Poulter
Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong
Maxim Recruitment

Richard has successfully recruited for the construction industry for the past 13 years following 15 years as a civil engineer and construction project manager. He is based in Hong Kong and responsible for Maxim Recruitment operations in Hong Kong, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.