Construction Jobs in Hong Kong

Posted by Richard Poulter, Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong on Monday, August 15, 2022

Hong Kong is a vibrant hub for all sorts of professional construction industry jobs. 

Why So Many Different Job Opportunities?

Although Hong Kong’s landmass is relatively small the amount of construction taking place within this relatively small area is huge. One of the reasons for this according to the International Trade Administration (ITA) is:

“Hong Kong developers are experts in slope and high-density design, as well as designing with space constraints”

A small number of local construction companies in Hong Kong, supplemented by a number of overseas contractors, employ many construction professionals in keeping the large array of projects on the move. The job opportunities are prolific because the Hong Kong construction business is almost always booming. Again, the ITA gives good reason: 

The Hong Kong Government has made great efforts to promote economic growth through infrastructure development.”

 Infrastructure support from the government is vital in a small area such as Hong Kong, and leads to great job opportunities for professionals looking for senior construction jobs in Hong Kong. From Quantity Surveyor jobs, to client-side project management, to construction consultant jobs, Hong Kong has all your job needs within a short MTR train journey.

A Variety of Jobs and Senior Construction Jobs in Hong Kong

Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities related to the previous sections. Construction jobs in Hong Kong cover a variety of specialisms.  To build in a place like Hong Kong you need a good Architect. There is plenty of scope for Architects within senior construction jobs in Hong Kong, offering everything from BIM engineers and management roles to Senior Architects.

Risk Managers are an important part of any construction project. And as no construction project is without risk, Hong Kong can offer the Risk Manager a comfortable way to make a living and contribute to the success of Hong Kong’s Construction industry.

In such a high-tech city it should be of no surprise that Digital Sales makes an appearance in the many construction jobs in Hong Kong. Building relationships and promoting innovation is key to this role and the future of Hong Kong being a world-leader in high-tech construction innovation.

Also high on the list of senior construction jobs in Hong Kong is engineering. From bridges to buildings, from Electrical Engineers to Senior Project Engineers, Hong Kong is a thriving multiplex for all types of engineering.

Hong Kong Quantity Surveyor jobs are never too far away and offer great rewards within a diverse scope of opportunity. From Assistant QS jobs to Senior QS jobs, Hong Kong has many vacancies and openings for Quantity Surveyors.

A list wouldn’t be complete without the construction Project Manager. Senior construction jobs in Hong Kong cover all construction sectors, leaving the Project Manager a wide choice of projects to work on. If your experience lies in Client-side project management, or tunneling is a specialty, or maybe MEP is a specialty, Hong Kong project management jobs are always there for the right candidate.

Speaking from Experience

Senior construction jobs in Hong Kong are plentiful and construction professionals have a great choice of project type and employer type.  Maxim’s recruitment experience is also extensive across all Hong Kong construction sectors. With a permanent office based in the city, Maxim Recruitment always has a recruitment finger on the Hong Kong construction pulse. Having found candidates for a range of construction jobs in Hong Kong, since 2011 Hong Kong is a joint first home and Asia region head office for Maxim.

Whatever your speciality, Hong Kong’s construction affluence can only improve on your career in construction.

Richard Poulter
Richard Poulter
Construction Recruitment Director, Hong Kong
Maxim Recruitment

Richard has successfully recruited for the construction industry for the past 13 years following 15 years as a civil engineer and construction project manager. He is based in Hong Kong and responsible for Maxim Recruitment operations in Hong Kong, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.