Canada Transit, Rail, Transportation and Building Construction Jobs in 2021

Posted by Steve Thomas | Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada on Tuesday, November 24, 2020


With 2020 drawing to a close, we can start to look forward to the construction companies in Canada and the construction jobs and projects that are likely to be a big feature of 2021.

There will be many good reasons to use the services of a construction recruitment agency to secure a job in Canada during 2021. Maxim will be able to help Canadians living in Canada find a construction career move within Canada, mainly in the hotspots such as Toronto and the GTA, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and other cities or major project locations.  We will also help Canadian Citizens who have decided to return from working elsewhere in the world to secure a great building construction or civil engineering job back in Canada with the best construction and property employers.

Usually we can also help international (non-Canadian) candidates to secure a construction job and work permit to enter Canada.  At the time of writing in November 2020, however, travel to Canada is heavily restricted for many categories of non-Canadians. Check the latest immigration information here. The possibility and motivation from employers hungry for world-class construction talent to try and get work permits for non-Canadians is limited currently, barring particular exceptional circumstances.

The good news for Canadians in Canada now or looking to come back to Canada, is that there is currently less competition for the best construction job vacancies in Canada and that civil engineers, project managers, Estimators, Cost Managers and Programme Managers can all expect to be shortlisted for consideration for some of the most exciting construction projects being procured, starting or already underway on site in 2021.  Here is a taster of some of the projects in some of the most exciting locations.

Rail and Transit Civil Engineering and Building in Toronto and Ontario, Canada

2021 is looking exciting for a number of rail projects.  Just in Ontario, there is the Scarborough Subway Extension RFQ to be issued, with a value of up to CAD$4 Billion and the Ottawa LRT Stage 2 East and West extensions worth around CAD$3 Billion.  Toronto’s Go expansion project called OnCorr will also finally move forward, perhaps being awarded in smaller packages of work.  The construction of the Hurontario LRT will continue, and around CAD$28 Billion of spending will continue to be invested into the Ontario Subways Programme which is made up of 4 new rapid transit lines.

Rail and Transit Civil Engineering and Building in Vancouver and British Columbia (BC), Canada

The 2.5 million population of Vancouver can look forward to a number of exciting transit projects to reduce congestion and speed up commuting times once most aspects of normality hopefully return in mid 2021.  The CAD$3 Billion Broadway Subway Project will continue to ramp up on site in 2021.  The Surrey-Lagley SkyTrain  with 8 stations will return to full procurement speed and the route to start on site will become ever closer. The Millennium Line SkyTrain Extension to the University of British Columbia (UBC) project will be costed and the method of delivery decided.  Even the 510km high speed rail link connecting Vancouver to Seattle and Portland will progress with its planning.

Rail and Transit Civil Engineering and Building in Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In Calgary, Alberta, the 20km Green Line Stage 1 will begin construction on site and spending of the CAD$5 Billion project budget will ramp up.  The Edmonton Valley Line West with a price tag of CAD$2.6 Billion will start on site to deliver 16 stations and 14km of track.  Edmonton is also looking to make progress with costing and selecting a delivery model for the Capital Line South project.

Highways and Road Projects

There are numerous traditional and DBF road and highway projects confirmed, starting and already underway across Canada

Healthcare and Justice Building and Social Infrastructure Projects

There are many building projects planned and already underway.  Just in the state social infrastructure sector managed by Infrastructure Ontario, on the east coast of Canada, there are at least 6 major healthcare projects to reach or pass RFP or RFQ stage worth well over CAD$2 Billion.  These are all to be built using one of three possible  models; Build Finance (BF), Design Build Finance (DBF) or Design Build Finance Maintain (DBFM).

Its not a bad time to be considering your interest in a new construction industry job in Canada!  Sometimes it is advantageous to be flexible and relocate for an opportunity, but this is not always essential.  A good construction recruitment services employment agency can usually connect a high calibre ambitious candidate to the right job opportunity in their home city near them.  Maxim has offices in Toronto, Canada as well as in the UK and Hong Kong, and we are excited about the prospects that 2021 is likely to bring the construction industry, and specialist construction recruitment consultants like us!

If you want to make 2021 memorable for the right reasons, perhaps now is a good time to start planning starting a new Canadian construction job in 2021!  We look forward to you getting in touch.

Steve Thomas
Construction Recruitment Director, UK & Canada