The Right Person for the Right Job | My Recruitment Journey So Far

Posted by Pooi Jing (PJ) , Graduate Recruitment Consultant on Monday, November 14, 2022

How did you first learn about Maxim Recruitment? Why work for Maxim?

Before my recruitment job at Maxim started, I came across the quote “putting the right person in to the right job” somewhere in a journal on a recruitment website, and this began my interest in recruitment as a career for myself.

I came across Maxim Recruitment during my search for my first permanent job after graduating from university. A friend of mine introduced me to the LinkedIn job search functionality, and it is there that I found a Graduate Recruitment Consultant role posted by Maxim.

The reason that persuaded me to work with Maxim is the company’s culture. Before I started working in the office, I got to know a few of my future colleagues who were extremely friendly.  In addition, the working style of the company is positive and highly collaborative. While getting interviewed by Steve; one of the directors at Maxim, what I could see from the start was that Maxim is a different recruitment company to their competitors and peers in the industry – both in terms of the internal culture and in terms of how this creates a different customer experience.

The job of Maxim’s recruitment consultants does not stop when a candidate is matched to a job vacancy. The recruiters at Maxim work to build a solid relationship with candidates throughout the entire process, from first contact, during their in depth interview with Maxim staff, right through to their job offer with an employer and through to job commencement date. In addition, Maxim Recruitment Consultants work hard to develop long term trusting relationships with client employers creating a collaborative ethos that runs through the recruitment process from start to finish.

How has Maxim Recruitment helped you with your training and career development so far?

In the first week of my new job at Maxim, I have undertaken in depth training  on the use of Bullhorn – the specialist industry leading recruitment ATS and CRM software used across the three international offices at Maxim. I learned about the features and functionality of the award winning Maxim Recruitment website. Most of the on-hands training is conducted by Steve. He has given me a slight taste on how to write a full and detailed job description that can be published on the Maxim website that gives potential construction candidates everything they need to know about jobs that might be of interest to them.  I have also undertaken extensive training on how to research, match and evaluate candidate CVs to specialist job descriptions.

Richard, the other Director of Maxim spent time training me to understand the broad details, structure and dynamics of the construction industry – including the key features of construction clients, consultants, contractors and subcontractors and distinctions between building, civil engineering, rail and other sectors of the industry.  From this overview it was much easier to see where the range of job titles and duties within the construction industry fit together.

I was then ready to start learning about some of our premium live vacancies with our UK and international clients and to start researching and shortlisting potential candidates for these roles, under the close supervision of Steve, Richard and other members of the Maxim recruitment team. 

What do you like the most about working at Maxim Recruitment?

I have already learned that there is no greater feeling than working to find a great candidate their dream job. And as a recruiter, you are aware that your assistance during the hiring process makes the difference as to whether they will find the best job available to them or not.  I can already see that giving candidates good news – life and career changing good news - is never dull.  And of course if you make a candidate happy by doing a fantastic job, they'll contact you in the future as a client looking for people themselves and the business relationship can continue indefinitely.

Furthermore, recruiting has already improved my management skills and decision-making abilities and given me a more developed intuition for spotting a person's best qualities. The joy of seeing a well-placed candidate and building trust within the employing company is very satisfying.

I enjoy meeting and talking to new people and I now have a professional occupation in which to do this – what’s not to love about being a construction Recruitment Consultant!

Because of the fast pace of both the construction industry and the recruitment industry that serves the construction industry, no two days will ever be the same, so I can already see that I will always be learning and developing my professional and personal skills. Furthermore, I appreciate the warm feeling I receive from assisting a business to find their next team member and helping a candidate to find a job they love.

Pooi Jing (PJ)
Pooi Jing (PJ)
Graduate Recruitment Consultant
Maxim Recruitment

Pooi Jing, or PJ as some people call him, is a Graduate Recruitment Consultant with day-to-day responsibility for a number of recruitment areas including the specialist delay analyst, forensic planning and delay expert witness capability at Maxim Recruitment. PJ is an expert at researching, shortlisting, contacting and interviewing premium candidates for our UK and international clients within our specialist areas.